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CAMduct for Ductwork Manufacturers

CAMduct is the total production solution that incorporates all the features necessary to efficiently control the manufacturing of duct work components.  Combined with an Esprit plasma cutting machine, the software is the perfect choice for use in HVAC, dust extraction, insulation and industrial ventilation sectors. From the extensive database of fittings through to automatic nesting and management information, CAMduct & Esprit provide the tools to meet manufacturing deadlines and improve productivity.  CAMduct can be tailored to meet your particular manufacturing needs and is suited to both small companies and large multiple site organisations.  The software can drive production from the office environment; CAMduct is the undisputed world leader for the manufacture of HVAC duct work.

CAMduct Features

Extensive database of duct work fittings.

Revolutionary ‘Green Nesting’ for maximum production efficiency.

Specification/Pressure Class driven easy item entry.

Complete software interoperability between estimating, drawing and manufacturing.

CAMduct incorporates multiple entry methods, customisable screen layouts & clear informative fitting graphics to make job entry efficient, flexible and simple.

CAMduct has the most comprehensive and proven fitting libraries ready to use. Round, rectangular, and oval fittings, which are suitable for seamed or welded construction, are fully parametric and highly customisable.

CAMduct: Designed for Ductwork

A full re-write of CAMduct’s nesting algorithms has just been compelted, making the automatic nesting function produce less waste and have the best productivity. CAMduct’s Green Nesting improves sheet utilisation and sheet management.

CAMduct’s parametric fittings automatically allocate flange & seams based on the user’s specification. The additional material required is automatically added to the flat sheet developments, including connector notch an fold-marker notch details.

CAMduct 3D Development of Square to Round transform CAMduct rectangular branch fitting 3D development CAMduct Automatic Nesting CAMduct seam and flange options & allowances CAMduct documents and reports CAMduct labels for part identification

CAMduct drives factory production. Reports can be generated for almost everything; worksheets for part assembly, delivery labels, workshop reports, management reports, stock control reports, BOMs, plus interoperability with third party ERP/MRP systems.

CAMduct allows individual manufactured pieces to be assigned labels and barcodes to enable tracking and management report generation on the status of each item.

HVAC ductwork produced using CAMduct software and the Esprit Arrow plasma cutting machine

CAMduct is a brand of MAP Software

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