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Established 1986

Hypertherm are the acknowledged world leader in plasma cutting systems and Esprit have worked exclusively with Hypertherm since 1990. Over the last twenty years Esprit have worked closely with Hypertherm to produce the very best CNC plasma cutting machines.

Today, CNC plasma cutting is often the obvious choice when selecting a production process for metal sheet or plate components. Superb edge quality, high cutting speeds and excellent hole quality can be achieved with low capital purchase and running costs.

Three principle families of Hypertherm plasma cutting systems cover the entire range of plasma cutting capability. HyPerformance plasma offers the very best laserlike cut quality with low running costs. HySpeed plasma cutting systems are a cost effective solution for high productivity applications where HyPerformance quality is not required. The Powermax systems offer very low entry cost with excellent air-plasma cut quality for other applications.

The world leader in thermal cutting technology since 1968, Hypertherm have one single goal: cut the cost of cutting metal. The company’s one and only focus is thermal cutting technology. It’s single-minded mission is to provide the best plasma cutting equipment in the industry. Hypertherm holds more (over 75) patents in plasma cutting technologies and in competitive tests Hypertherm plasma consistently outperforms the competition in the key areas of cut quality, productivity and operating cost.

 Plasma Cutting Systems

Hypertherm HyPerformance HPR-XD range fitted to Esprit CNC machines

HyPerformance Plasma cuts fine feature parts with superior quality and consistency, virtually eliminating the cost of secondary operations. Patented technologies such as HyDefinition and Longlife deliver more consistent cut quality over a longer period of time than other systems available. Truehole technology for HPR Autogas systems produces superlative hole quality far in excess of what has previously been achievable with plasma. HyPerformance plasma cuts mild steel and stainless steel from thick to thin with a mirror like finish. There are four HyPerformance plasma systems in the range: HPR130-XD, HPR260-XD, HPR400-XD and the new HPR800-XD. All are available with automatic or manual gas consoles and can be specified with a range of Esprit CNC machines.

HyPerformance plasma is the state of the art in plasma cutting technology. Many of the HyPerformance plasma cutting systems are on permanent demonstration at Esprit’s Nottingham facility.

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HyPerformance HPRXD Plasma

The Hypertherm HySpeed & MaxPro plasma systems are heavy-duty production tools with cost-reducing LongLife technology for dramatically longer consumable life and much lower operating costs. Ideal for production environments cutting mild steel, stainless and aluminum up to 75 mm thick, these units are high productivity workhorses.

The models include the HSD130 which is an easy to use oxygen plasma cutting system offering dross free cutting up to 16mm (production pierce capacity of 25mm) and the new MaxPro200 system. More productive than other cutting solutions such as oxy-fuel or air plasma, these systems can be specified with a range of Esprit CNC machines.

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Hypertherm HySpeed plasma cutting system range fitted to Esprit CNC machines

HySpeed & MaxPro Plasma

Hypertherm Powermax Plasma offers fast cutting speeds, superior cut quality and cut parts require little or no secondary operations. Reliable inverter technology backed by intense testing at the development and manufacturing stages ensure the Powermax plasma systems are suitable for heavy duty CNC plasma cutting.

A range of units are available from the Powermax 45 with it’s 10mm pierce and cut capability through to the Powermax 1650 which can cut and pierce 19mm. Powermax systems are specified with CNC interfaces and are fully integrated with Esprit CNC machines. Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium can all be cut quickly and effectively with the Powermax range. Powermax plasma cutting systems can also be specified with a hand-torch for general use in the workshop and on site.

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Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting system range fitted to Esprit CNC machines

Powermax Plasma

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